Deliberate Nehruvian–Marxist Distortions.
Rather than doing what has been elaborated in the previous sub- chapter/blunder, the concerned establishments came to be dominated by the self-serving babu-academics, and the Nehruvians, Marxists, and Socialists who bureaucratised the academics and ensured emasculation of the direction to what suited the Marxist world-view, and the convenience of the Establishment. What we have been having are political hangers-on rather than capable scholars.

Thanks to the above, the biased, distorted version of history written by the West has continued. Rather than demolishing it, our “eminent” sarkari historians reinforced the nonsense. While the English distorted Indian history for their colonial ends, the Indian leftists-Marxists have been further distorting history for their ideological ends, and to please their masters. Arun Shouri’s book “Eminent Historians: Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud”is worth reading in this context.

These self-serving, dishonest Nehruvian, Marxist academics have done great disservice to the profession of writing history. They sidelined the genuine ones like Jadunath Sarkar and RC Majumdar, sending them to oblivion. Why have they done so? It paid to do so. You came in the good books of Nehru, himself an anglophile, and thereafter in the good books of his dynasty. You got good positions and assignments. Academic mediocrity was no hindrance to promotions and plum positions as long as you toed the Nehruvian-Marxist-Socialist-Negationist line. Not only that, by being pro- British or being soft on the British, you got invited by the West for academic assignments, lectures, seminars, and so on. Also, your mediocre writings got published abroad, and were well-reviewed. You also got Indian and international awards. In other words, it paid to be dishonest, unprofessional and abusive to the real India.

“Nehru’s love for English and his leftist leanings spawned a generation of leftist historians who rewrote Indian history in English and put the evidence of history on its head.”
—BN Sharma

“They [Marxist-Negationist Historians] have made India out to have been an empty land—filled with successive invaders. They have made present-day India, and Hinduism even more so, out to be a zoo—an agglomeration of assorted, disparate specimens. No such thing as ‘India’, just a geographical expression, just a construct of the British, no such thing as Hinduism, just a word used by Arabs to describe the assortment they encountered, just an invention of the communalists to impose a uniformity —that has been their stance. For this they have blackened the Hindu period of history, and, as we shall see, strained to whitewash the Islamic period. They have denounced ancient India’s social system as the epitome of oppression, and made totalitarian ideologies [like Christianity, Islam and Communism] out to be egalitarian and just.”
—Arun Shourie

“In fact, marked characteristic of the Leftist ransack of Indian history is the systematic manner in which they have succeeded in brainwashing at least three generations of Indians to be ashamed of taking pride in timeless, unbroken cultural and local traditions and accomplishments to the extent that both lay readers and students are repelled at and therefore disown them. This perversion also extends to our heroes, saints, poets, philosophers and the rest… Perhaps in no other country has self-hatred succeeded and touched its pinnacle as it has in India.”
—Sandeep Balakrishna

[What the Nehruvian-Marxist historians did] “…In no specific order, it includes a demonization of Brahmins as the root cause of everything wrong with India—from the ancient past to the present. And then there is the whitewashing of the long and voluminous record of Muslim atrocities against Hindus—genocides, forced conversions, industrial scale temple destructions and the economic emasculation of Hindus by imposing the Jiyza tax and the Dhimmi status upon them. This narrative simultaneously also downplays the cultural, civilizational, and economic excellence attained by India under great Hindu dynasties like the Mauryas, Sungas, Guptas, Satavahanas, Cholas, Chalukyas, Hoysalas and the Vijayanagar Empire to name just a few.”
—Sandeep Balakrishna


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