While many studies have documented the predominance of the political left in the academic world, the exceptional areas where they do not have such predominance are precisely those areas where you cannot escape from facts and results—the sciences, engineering, mathematics and athletics. By contrast, no area of academia is more dominated by the left than the humanities, where there are no facts to challenge the fantasies that abound. Leftists head for similar fact-free zones outside of academia.
—Thomas Sowell

In India, you just have to get familiar with the “leftist, anti-American, pro-Arab, anti-Israel, ‘secularist’, Hindu-baiting, Muslim-apologist, Nehruvian, JNU-type” refrain and jargon to qualify as an intellectual and a “liberal”. It’s that easy. No serious knowledge or expertise or research work or analytical ability or originality or depth or integrity is required. The origin, spread, and entrenchment of this class has been thanks to Nehru and his Dynasty.

Besides, it is safe. Others won’t heckle you. Because, these typical Indian leftists have an invisible, informal brotherhood. They support, defend and promote one another, ensure their predominance in the academe and government bodies, and stoutly defend their turf. They are also “eminent” invitees on TV and public functions, seriously ventilating their hackneyed, stale ideas. These windbags have not come up with a single original idea in the last seven decades. The Leftist–Socialist-Liberal “Intellectual” is actually an oxymoron, and an anachronism.

The typical Nehruvian-Socialist-“Secular”-“Liberal” “Intellectual” parasitic cabal that has spawned the academe, the cultural, literary, archaeological and historical bodies, and sarkari establishments, and has infested and dominated the opinion-making arms like the media unfortunately represents the worst in intellectual traditions, and has become a major stumbling block in progress, for it has managed to pervert sensible discourse. It is even “liberal” and fashionable to be anti-national!
It supports a globally discredited socialistic economic world-view that has practically and amply demonstrated its poverty-perpetuating, misery- multiplying, anti-poor, anti-prosperity, anti-anything-good characteristics.

Its “Secularism” does not rise above religion; but is restricted to being anti- Hindu and pro-Muslim, and being unmoved and unconcerned by blatantly illegal proselytization. Its “Liberalism” is being pro-Animal rights while being pro-beef and pro-nonveg; being anti-American while yearning for green-card or assignments in the US; being a rationalist by slamming all Hindu customs and beliefs, while keeping mum on regressive practices of Islam or Christianity; being pro-Arab and anti-Israel; being anti-Sanskrit while being pro-German or pro-foreign language; and so on.

They oppose renaming Aurangzeb road, but never raise a voice against naming of hundreds of government schemes and institutions after the Nehru-Gandhis. They talk of common man and justice and rage about inequality, but find nothing uncommon or no injustice or no inequality in the unjust shameless continuance of the Dynasty! They shout against intolerance, but are themselves the prime examples of intolerance for alternate view (despite it being far superior to theirs)!!
It has been said that true “intellectuals tend to have uneasy relationship with the status quo”.

However, this deracinated Indian “Intellectual” class has become uncomfortable with the change in the status quo. They feel comfortable only when cocooned in their good, old Nehruvian, “secular”, socialistic, I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine, mutually beneficial, incestuous, quid pro quo milieu, at home with the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty.


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