Nehru’s policies resulted in thousands of kilometres of all land boundaries of India, whether in the north or east or west or northeast or northwest, becoming sensitive and insecure, requiring massive investments to protect them. What is noteworthy is that there were enough opportunities to peacefully settle the boundaries with China in the 1950s and early 1960s, and with Pakistan too, yet most irresponsibly Nehru failed to encash on them (Blunder#35,45).

Thanks to Gandhi’s choice for the first PM of India, India is the only country of its size in the world with such a long unsettled border with a giant neighbour, and disputes with another.

Rather than solving a plethora of severe problems crying for attention, the Nehruvian era added new problems, and not just added them, made them more difficult and almost insolvable, the most severe being securing the long borders.

Thanks to the Himalayas, the north from time immemorial has been the most secure natural boundary. Nehruvian policies managed to make them insecure!

Northeast has been made insecure thanks to gross misgovernance, corruption, and insurgency, and to Nehru turning a blind eye to adversely changing demography—thanks to proselytization, and to Muslim migrations from East Pakistan/Bangladesh.

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